In the Republic of Arab Letters, Rule of the Despots

Int'BldThe “Arab World” is sinking into a certain amount of chaos once again. So it seems hard to believe that the region was ever able to dance in unison to the tune of its writers-those interpreters of its dreams of independence and progress- since the 19th century ‘renaissance’ (the ‘Nahda‘). In a place where only a decade ago the living voice of Mahmoud Darwish resonated, the silence of the grave now reigns. In a few short years, the petro-monarchies of the Arab Gulf have with their richly endowed prizes bought off what now passes for literary creation.

La suite de la traduction anglaise de ce billet sur les prix littéraires arabes  et leurs conséquences très négatives sur la création est disponible sur le site International Boulevard, où l’on trouve bien des choses intéressantes. Avis aux anglophones !

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