Tamarod: A Linguistic Riddle


It sure is hard to figure out what exactly is going on in Egypt! Especially since the media drowns out anything that doesn’t fit into the mainstream narrative. Worse, it doesn’t even try to grasp the situation, distorts the explanations it does present (out of ignorance, we can charitably hope).

It would be hard to imagine a world where most correspondents working in, say, Latin America could not understand a word of the languages spoken on the continent they ‘cover.’ But most commentators on the Arab world operate in complete linguistic ignorance, their deficiencies ‘covering’ the truth in a thick layer of prejudices, their work repeating the ‘success story’ of the moment…

Comme il est dit dans le début de ce texte : pas facile de comprendre ce qui se passe en Egypte ! En particulier ce jour – vendredi – de manifestations pour et contre Morsi/Sissi l’imperator… International Blvd, quelque part en Californie, a trouvé suffisamment d’intérêt à billet récent pour le traduire. Merci à eux ! C’est ici, et le site est à découvrir. Bonne lecture.

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